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Technology Specification

By Li Chenyu / hcfireXNUMX July XNUMX

Casting Process: Lost wax casting(Can also be called investment casting, and precision casting)
Materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, high chromium iron, high manganese steel, heat-resistance stainless steel and general stainless steel etc.
Material Standard: ASTM. AISI. DIN. BS. JIS. NF. AS. AAR. ISO. GB.
Max linear Size:XNUMXmm; Max Diameter Size: XNUMX mm
Casting Weight: XNUMX~XNUMXKg
Casting Dimension Tolerance: As per ISO XNUMX Gr. CTXNUMX-CTXNUMX
Casting Surface Roughness: Ra XNUMXum~XNUMXum (XNUMX-XNUMXuinch)