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Fundição de preparo agrícola com telhas de carboneto de tungstênio fabricado por Ningbo Investment Casting Co., Ltd

Por Li Chenyu / hcfire360 Julho 2021

Our Advantages of Casting Agricultural Tillage with Tungsten Carbide Tiles:
1. High quality, cost-effective casting tillage points since our advanced technology and automatic equipment.
2. Our tillage points with full tungsten carbide tips, best performing on the market.
3. Over 35 years rich experiences in manufacturing and innovation.
4. Pure raw materials with advanced investment casting and braze welding process.
5. OEM manufacturing. Produce parts on customers’ drawing, design and specification.

Features of Casting Agricultural Tillage with Tungsten Carbide Tiles:
1. Tungsten carbide: carbides welded on head tip & carbides on side wings;
2. Benefícios: desgasta na lateral e na parte inferior, defletor de sementes na parte inferior das costas.
3. Advantages: welding with carbide tiles can provide the solution for wear and corrosion, to extend service life and increased performance.

Material of Casting Agricultural Tillage with Tungsten Carbide Tiles:
1. Casting bodies: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, High manganese Steel ASTM A128, high chrome cast iron ASTM A532 and etc.
2. Tungsten carbide: YG8, YG10, YG11 and etc.
Delivery & Packing of Casting Agricultural Tillage with Tungsten Carbide Tiles:
1. 30 days for samples including casting tooling production. After samples approval, usually 35-45 days for mass production.
2. Envio por via marítima, aérea, expressa ou conforme o seu pedido.
3. Standard export packing. Fiberboard cases, plywood crates, steel cases with big plastic bag inside. As customers’ requirements.

Production Process of Casting Agricultural Tillage with Tungsten Carbide Tiles:
1. Investment Casting, Lost Wax Casting, Precision Casting, Shell Casting, Lost Foam Casting, Water Glass Casting, Silica Sol Casting, Sand Casting, Quartz Sand Casting, Furan Resin Sand Casting, Phenolic resin Sand Casting.
2. Casting tolerance: Lost wax casting Tolerance Standards  ISO 8062 CT7~9; Sand casting Tolerance Standards: ISO 8062  CT9~12.

Quality Assurance of Casting Agricultural Tillage with Tungsten Carbide Tiles:
Strict material inspection, Exact dimension control. Our quality engineers and technicians well implement destructive and non-destructive tests, including chemical analysis,
dimensional inspection, mechanical properties test, metallographic observe, hardness test, visual inspection, MPI, LPI, and UT test. We are also co-working with international third-party testing labs to make sure all our customers’ requirements are satisfied.

If you are in this field, and are interested to cooperate with us, please feel free to Contact Us via email sales@nbinvestmentcasting.com, we will reply you in the shortest time.