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ພາກສ່ວນສະຫນາມນ້ຳມັນ ແລະອາຍແກັສ

Our Oil & Gas parts and components are lost-wax casted to provide customers with fast lead times, high levels of safety and to minimize downtime and withstand the harshest environments. Our experienced engineering and manufacturing team, and our customer’s personnel, worked together for months and successfully developed a mature process to produce downhole cable protectors and pipe clamps by investment casting. Our steel foundry is specialized in a various range of MLE Protectors for CENtrilift electrical submersible pumping systems (Centralift ESP’s). The Protectors are holding the Motor Lead Cable and Control Lines. Our Protectors can be utilized on Pumps, Seals, Motors and discharges for Series of ESP’s and are also available for High Volume Pumps. As an investment casting foundry, the protectors can be manufactured in carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel and as per our customers’ drawings and specifications. We are also able to manufacture other customized parts for oil and gas industry for our customers.