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Servizos engadidos de fundición de investimento de Ningbo

To improve our services of investment castings and deliver finished products to our customers, apart from producing casting blanks, we can also supply value-added services in below:
Engineering Service and Innovation.

Servizo de Enxeñaría e Innovación

Con máis de 3 décadas de experiencia en fundición de investimento, os nosos enxeñeiros saben o que funciona mellor no proceso de fundición de investimento. Ás veces, só algúns pequenos cambios no deseño dunha peza poden sumar grandes aforros tanto en tempo como en custo. Ademais, estes cambios mellorarán moito o rendemento de traballo dos teus produtos. Polo tanto, ofrecemos asistencia de enxeñaría e deseño para facer que as súas pezas de fundición de investimento sexan máis fáciles e menos custosas de producir.
Our team will work closely with your product engineers to optimize part designs for more efficient production and cost saving. Maybe we don’t know the entire process involved in the application of your product, we can make the casting process easier by identifying and eliminating potential problem areas in your designs. Optimized designs can reduce or eliminate the need for machining or other secondary operations, and can significantly reduce material waste, thus to save the whole production cost of products.
Produción de ferramentas

To make a casting tooling is the first step to start investment casting process. We’ll make a 3D model as per customer’s drawing, with our tooling director’s approval to proceed with tooling or pattern production by CNC mold maker. Usually, the tooling cost will be prepaid with order and we could provide 3-5 samples for customers’ approval prior to placing mass production order. It’s just one-off paid, we’ll not ask for the tooling fee for our future orders, and we’ll repair the tooling or pattern by ourselves if there are any problems of the investment casting tooling. Before the tooling or pattern service in the investment casting process, it will be fully inspected by our QA person.

Servizo de Usinagem

Servizo de Usinagem

In order to provide finished parts to our customers as per their drawings, our foundries was equipped with machining capacity, to help our customers save time and cost.

For some products with tight tolerances and machining requirements in the drawings, we will still need to carry out machining operations in steps like boring, drilling, facing, ect. The machining operations can be divided into rough machining and precision machining. Rough machining is operated by general machining equipments, such as boring machine, drilling machine, NC lathe, and so on. However, precision machining is needed when there is a tighter tolerance requirement, such precision dimensions and tolerances will be done in CNC, so by comparison, the precision machining cost will be much higher than that of rough machining.
Ningbo Investment Casting Co., Ltd. can supply both rough machining and precision machining services for our customers. Of course, to save machining time and cost, our team will give you a best solution for less machining.

Tratamento térmico

Tratamento térmico

To improve the mechanical properties of casting blank parts, heat treatment is usually done. However, we apply our heat treatment process to many of our investment casting components per your particular specifications. Main heat treatment processes are: Normalizing, Tempering, Annealing, Quenching and Tempering, Carburizing and etc.
We have the ability to offer in-house and outsourcing heat treatment service for our customers, and create harder, tougher, and more durable products. Heat treatment is vital for investment cast components, especially when products work harsh or caustic environments where extreme durability is required. The stronger your products are, the longer their service life will be.

Personalizar o servizo de paquetes

Most of our investment castings are exported to overseas, as the delivery time is quite long, especially sea shipment, so normally we will pack the casting parts into big bags to protect products from rusting on the sea, and then put them into a suitable plywood case or steel case, and others which is determined by customer. With our rich experience from the year of 1983, all of the packages must be carried out on the basis of free from damage during shipping.

Besides, we can also provide custom package services with logo marked for our customers accordingly, and also supply customize package according to customers’ special requirements. Just pls send us the pack details you need.