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Destructive and Non-destructive Tests

Quality first and client uppermost" is the tenet of our business. Ningbo Investment Casting Co., Ltd is a client-orientedfoundry. Each departments and employees in our foundry know well about the value that will be brought into business by increasing the customer's satisfaction.

Our quality engineers and technicians well implement destructive and non-destructive tests, including chemical analysis, dimensional inspection, mechanical properties test, metallographic observe, hardness test, MPI, LPI, and UT test. We are also co-working with international third-party testing labs to make sure all our customers’ requirements are satisfied.

  • تست سختی

    تست سختی

  • ماشین تراش CNC

    ماشین تراش CNC

  • تستر زبری سطح

    تستر زبری سطح

  • آنالایزر متالوگرافی

    آنالایزر متالوگرافی

  • تست کننده UT

    تست کننده UT

  • سختی گیر قابل حمل

    سختی گیر قابل حمل

  • MT Machine

    MT Machine

  • Mechanical Property Test Room

    Mechanical Property Test Room

  • تجهیزات حفاظت از محیط زیست

    تجهیزات حفاظت از محیط زیست