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লি চেনিু / এইচসিফায়ারএক্সএনএমএমএক্স দ্বারা জুলাই 2021

If you have any demand of Bi-metallic Parts (Bi-metal Parts), please feel free to contact us by email: sales@nbinvestmentcasting.com.
Bi-metals are one of our key products. We are able to provide wear-resistant bi-metals with different process:
The 1st type is casting, main material for casting under Wear-resistant White Cast Iron Standard ASTM A532 and High Manganese Steel Standard ASTM A12, main parts as below:

High –Chromium Square Hammer

উচ্চ-ক্রোমিয়াম ফ্ল্যাট হাতুড়ি

নি-হার্ড স্কয়ার প্লেট

Ni-Hand Ox-Head

হাতুড়ি শ্যাঙ্ক

The 2nd type is the bimetallic composites based on High-chromium cast iron vacuum brazing onto steel backing plate. The welding strength is 320Mpa and the hardness of High-chromium cast iron is 63HRC. The bimetallic composites include many product categories such as chocky bars and blocks, wear buttons, wear bars and blocks and wear plates.

Chocky Bars and Blocks

Wear Bars and Blocks

চিনিকলের জন্য কাটলারি

উচ্চ-ক্রোমিয়াম হাতুড়ি এবং দ্বি-ধাতু হাতুড়ি টিপ

উচ্চ-ক্রোমিয়াম হাতুড়ি এবং দ্বি-ধাতু হাতুড়ি টিপ

The 3rd type is three layer composites based on tungsten carbide and High-chromium cast iron vacuum brazing onto steel backing plate.

Chocky Bars Welded on Liner

তিন স্তর কার্বাইড হাতুড়ি টিপস

High-Chromium Cast Iron and Carbide Welding

The 4th type is strengthen wear parts for Mining and Construction like strengthen blade and teeth based on build-up welding, which mainly include WC flux-cored wire and tungsten carbide particles with strict technical data .

Three Layer Liner

Build-up Welding Broken Carbide Bars

বিল্ড-আপ ওয়েল্ডিং দাঁতকে শক্তিশালী করে

Build-up welding bar is completely covered by broken carbide

Build-up Welding Broken Carbide Particles in Different Shaped Objects

The 5th type is strengthen wear parts based on high frequency welding, which high frequency brazing the tungsten carbide on quick wearing position, for agricultural chisel plow sweep, tillage point & Tip and knife blade, etc.

ঢালাই করা টংস্টেন কার্বাইড সহ কৃষিকাজ বিন্দু

ব্রেকিং হ্যামার ওয়েল্ডেড টংস্টেন কার্বাইড

WC Flux-Cored Wire Build-up Welded strengthen teeth

The 6th type is cast composites compounded by High-chromium and general cast steel to improve wear resistance and assembly. Pour & solidify a wear resistant material to a structural low alloy or carbon steel box.

Snow Shovel Blade

Bi-metallic Box

অভ্যন্তরীণ বিভাগ কাটা দ্বি-ধাতু বাক্স

The 7th type is cast composites based on tungsten carbide particles enhancing into High-chromium cast iron to improve wear resistance to a great extent.

Strengthen Carbide Particles and High-chromium Cast Iron Bars

Strengthen Broken Carbide Particles and High-chromium Cast Iron Wear Plates

The 8th type is strengthen surface by plasma transferred arc(PTA) overlay welding. The overlay thickness is 3-30mm, hardness could be controlled range from 60-70HRC. No surface crack, no weld bead and flat surface finish.

10+10mm Thickness Ratios

Strengthen Broken Carbide Particles and High-chromium Cast Iron Wear Plates