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Спечаныя дэталі вагона для паддонаў

Аўтар Лі Чэнью / hcfire360 ліпеня 2021

Спечаныя дэталі вагона для паддонаў, тэрмаўстойлівыя дэталі для спальвання і дэталі для перапрацоўкі карысных выкапняў, такія як рашотка, пракладка рашоткі, рашотка, бакавая сценка і г.д.

Grate-bars are mainly used in the fire boxes and sintered pallet cars of the burning and sintering furnaces, and incineration plants. Our plant manufactures Sintered Pallet Car grate bars from special purpose steel and alloys that operate under static and high dynamic load conditions. Our materials have high heat resistant, high abrasive wear resistance and high corrosive resistance.

Працэс вытворчасці:

Casting System (To ensure the flatness of the top surface, we make the riser in the bottom)

Gauges to 100% check the overall size

Забеспячэнне і кантроль якасці

Investment casting is popular used for manufacturing precision metal parts, every step in the process of metal casting, from pattern-making to heat treating, should be done carefully to avoid problems with the soundness, surface finish, mechanical properties, and final dimensions of the finished casting. Yet even castings made with diligence should undergo inspection for quality control. Inspection allows foundry and clients to feel confident they have a quality casting.

We offer a wide variety of in-house investment casting quality verification and product testing services to find casting defects through destructive and non-destructive testing design to provide our customers with the highest quality cast product. No matter where the product is applied, each precision investment castings is inspected and approved before delivery. Quality inspection including: Visual Inspection, Dimensional Inspection, Chemical Composition Inspection, Mechanical Properties Testing, Corrosion Resistance Tests, Non-destructive Testing (NDT). NDT contains: Visual and Optical Testing (VT), LPI, MPI, UT, X-Ray. Please check our website link for more details.

Corner of Our Workshop

Photos of Investment Casting Process for Sintered Pallet Car Grate Bars and Incineration Grate BarsPhotos of Investment Casting Process for Sintered Pallet Car Grate Bars and Incineration Grate Bars

Exhibition Parts for our produced Grate Bar, Grate Bar Spacer, Grate Plate, Side Wall, etc.

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