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Development Prospect of Investment Casting (Precision Casting)

By Li Chenyu / hcfire360 July 2021

Investment Casting also called as Precision Casting refers to the use of fusible materials made of fusible model in some special refractory coating layer on the coating, after drying and hardening to form a whole shell, and then steam or hot water from the shell in the melt model, then put the shell into the sand box, dry sand filling in the other around, finally casting into the baking furnace after calcinations, cast or shell after roasting, the pouring of molten metal and casting.

Casting the product precision, complex, close to the final shape of the part, not processed or rarely processing is used directly, is a near net form of advanced technology, is an excellent technology for foundry industry, its application is very extensive. It is not only suitable for the casting of various types, all kinds of alloy, and the production of casting dimension accuracy and surface quality than other casting methods must be high, and even other casting methods is difficult to cast the complex, high temperature and easy machining castings, can be used in precision casting cast.

At present, the world of casting forming process of rapid development and wide application, from the current situation, the future development trend of the technology of the future is casting products more and more close to the parts, the traditional casting only as a blank, can not adapt to the rapid market response. Parts and components of the complexity and quality of the product is getting higher and higher, more and more means of research and development, professional collaboration began to appear, CAD, CAM, CAE applications become part of the main product development technology.

Analysis of the current development situation, investment casting (precision casting) technology is widely used in the future development prospects for the future industry.