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Characteristics of Casting

By Li Chenyu / hcfire360 July 2021

Flexible choice of material
Freedom in design
Tight tolerance
Fine surface finish
Cost efficiency

Investment casting also can be called “precision casting” or “lost wax casting” or “de-waxing casting”. The casting method can be widely used, and no limitation for product shape as well as complex structure. The most important characteristics are the tight tolerances control, the educed machining allowances, and the smooth surface finish. Its application scope can be wider after using the new equipment and advanced technology. In heat processing industry, investment casting can be used for those products which difficult to choice the materials, or materials not easy to form a shape, as well as some forging pieces with higher cost; while in the casting industry, the investment casting can be used instead of other casting methods, so as to reduce machining allowances and the cost, improve the dimensional precision and surface finish as well as the mechanical properties, so as to meet the requirements of a higher level product.

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