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Agricultural Wear-Resistant Parts

By Li Chenyu / hcfire360 July 2021

Agricultural wear-resistant parts refer to the components applied in agricultural machinery with well performance of wear resistance. These kinds of wear-resistant parts are usually used in tillage equipment and harvesting machinery equipment. Since the large demands of agricultural machinery, there are a lot of farm equipment manufacturers all over the world need to purchase the castings welded with tungsten carbide. Typical agricultural wear-resistant parts we can make are Tillage Points, Tillage Tools, Chisel Plow Sweep, Harvester Knife Blades, and Harvester Knife Guards, etc.

Tillage Casting Parts with Carbide Tiles

Casting process

For the hard working condition, the parts that have direct touch with soil must be wearable enough, as there are must have some solid rocks under the soil. That’s why agricultural wear parts are always produced by cast or forged with materials in good strength. Due to the advantages of investment casting, almost all the agricultural wear parts can be investment cast with lost wax casting or lost foam casting.
We have automatic wax injection lines and automatic shell building lines for big quantity orders to lower the price by reducing the labor cost, effectively improve our capacity to reduce the production date and keep the quality stability for mass production.

Sometimes, the quantity of each batch is not large but the lost wax casting makes the tooling cost of a new agricultural wear parts affordable. The lost wax casting tooling cost is much better than sand casting and forging die. What’s more, we still retain our wax injection machines controlled by workers, and manual shell building process which for small orders and some complex design of castings.

Investment Cast Tillage Point

Tungsten Carbide welded or tiled on Casting Body

As some agricultural wear parts have to work in severe environment, so just casting with high strength is not enough, to protect the castings from quick worn, they can be brazed with tungsten carbide. Cost of tungsten carbide is high, but the tungsten Carbide welded or tiled on agricultural casting bodies increase the serving life. For example, build-up welding tungsten carbide on agricultural tillage point, and Bimetallic Wear Parts.
Why Choose Ningbo Investment Casting Co., Ltd?

The role of Ningbo Investment Casting Foundry in agricultural machinery is the manufacturer and supplier of cast agricultural wear parts to OEM manufactures of agricultural machinery equipment or distribution/seller of agricultural wear-resistant parts.

Ningbo Investment Casting provides a professional OEM supply of all the wear parts, we can supply our customers finished components with tungsten carbide tiled and welded, so that you can sell or use directly, and no second operation will be done. We can produce agricultural wear-resistant parts with cast steel you designed. We could also do innovation according to our rich experience, our engineering team will also provide you our cast steel options for your reference or audit, and provide some professional suggestions or idea for better working performance.
With cost-efficient solution for agricultural wear parts, our customers will have definitely superiority to compete in the market, we promise that we will protect our customers’ benefits and rights, to keep confidentiality of our customers’ drawings & production specifications. Never and ever supply the related products to their competitors. For our long term business relationship, we’re willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

If you are in this field, and are interested to cooperate with us, please feel free to Contact Us via email sales@nbinvestmentcasting.com, we will reply you in the shortest time.