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What Is Investment Casting

Investment casting is a manufacturing process in which a wax pattern is used to shape a disposable ceramic mold. Then this is usually cast with molten metal, such as carbon steel castings, alloy steel castings and stainless steel castings.  This process can also be referred to as “precision casting” or “lost wax casting”.

Ningbo Investment Casting Co., Ltd
These castings are used around the world in a wide range of products and industries. For example, our investment castings play a crucial role in the in the industries of Agricultural Equipment, Mineral Processing, Mining Equipment, Oil & Gas Industry, Ground Engaging & Heavy Equipment, Automobile Industry, Railway Industry, Ship Building Industry, Cement Industry, Power Industry, etc. Key products include Grate Bars & Plates, Bi-metals, Crusher & Shredder Parts, Wear Resistant Parts, Hydraulic Fittings, Valve & Pump Parts, Bucket Teeth & Adapters, and other casting with machining parts.

Our quality-assured products have proven an outstanding performance in these industries for 36 years since the year of 1983. Mature technological process, rich experience, professional large scale production, effective cost management made us possess the strong comprehensive competitive capability better than other manufactory in this vocation, all these not only show in our high quality, the most attractive price also is our treasure book.
Most foundries and Investment Casting Factory in Ningbo even China that produce investment castings just do themselves to investment casting business only, do not equip with machining capacity, and even do not help customers to outsource machining service. There are even some investment casting foundries in Ningbo that only supply some single-type castings like different kinds of Bucket Teeth and Adapters. We’re always doing our best to devote ourselves to investment casting parts and do also help customers to do the finish machining as per their drawings. In order to save customers’ time and cost.
It is important for investment casting foundries to understand the drawing details and specification of the investment cast products from customers. Recent years, more and more foreign companies purchase castings from Chinese investment casting foundries. There are lots of benefits of making investment castings in China, low production cost and the enhancement of quality control process. With the good communication between Chinese foundries and customers will make all clear and avoid any misunderstanding, and in this way, we believe we could get more cooperation opportunities.

We will answer more questions like this on our dedicated investment castings at Contact US page or contact us by email: sales@nbinvestmentcasting.com for offer.