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About Us

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Ningbo Investment Casting Co., Ltd, was founded in 1983, has been focusing on casting and machining for over three decades. It’s located in Ningbo, is consisted of a Lost-wax casting foundry (also called investment casting and precision casting) and a machining shop. It occupies 95000㎡. More than 300 employees are working here, including 30 highly-professional engineers and well-trained technicians. We consider our employees as an asset and it is this asset that provides us the capability to offer our customers products of quality in a short lead time.

Ningbo Investment Casting Co., Ltd is specializing in Lost-wax casting (also called investment casting and precision casting) and Silica sol casting process to manufacture the materials of carbon steel, alloy steel, high chromium iron, high manganese steel, heat-resistance stainless steel and general stainless steel etc. Our quality-assured products have proven an outstanding performance in the industries of Agricultural Equipment, Mineral Processing, Mining Equipment, Oil & Gas Industry, Ground Engaging & Heavy Equipment, Automobile Industry, Railway Industry, Ship Building Industry, Cement Industry, Power Industry, etc. Key products include Grate Bars & Plates, Bi-metals, Crusher & Shredder Parts, Wear Resistant Parts, Hydraulic Fittings, Valve & Pump Parts, Bucket Teeth & Adapters, and other casting with machining parts.

              Automatic Wax Injection Work Shop

                    Automatic Shell Building Workshop

Ningbo Investment Casting Co., Ltd is equipped with 4 sets of medium frequency electrical melting furnaces, together with 4 sets of automatic wax injection molding machines, 2 automatic shell making lines, annealing and normalizing furnaces for heat treatment purposes. 8 CNC machine centres, 10 CNC lathes, plus a series of manual lathe, mill, drills, are distributed on our shop floor, enabling us to accurately machine casted parts as per customers’ requirements.

Ningbo Investment Casting Co., Ltd is certified with ISO 9001:2008, TS16949:2009, the environmental management certificate of ISO14001:2004. Our quality engineers and technicians well implement destructive and non-destructive tests, including chemical analysis, dimensional inspection, mechanical properties test, metallographic observe, hardness test, MPI, LPI, and UT test. We are also co-working with international third-party testing labs to make sure all our customers’ requirements are satisfied.

                             Automatic Shell Building

                                 Melting and Pouring

Ningbo Investment Casting Co., Ltd is committed to supplying quality forging products and value added service to your projects.

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