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  • Automatic Wax Injection Work Shop

    Automatic Wax Injection Work Shop

  • Automic Shell Building Workshop

    Automic Shell Building Workshop

  • Melting and Pouring

    Melting and Pouring

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Who we are

Ningbo Investment Casting Co., Ltd, was founded in 1983, has been focusing on casting and machining for over three decades. It’s located in Ningbo, is consisted of a Lost-wax casting foundry (also called investment casting and precision casting) and a machining shop. It occupies 95000. More than 300 employees are working here, including 30 highly-professional engineers and well-trained technicians. We consider our employees as an asset and it is this asset that provides us the capability to offer our customers products of quality in a short lead time.

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Our factory

Wax Injection
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